Our Company

Fishers was established in 1900 in Aberfeldy, Scotland and was progressively managed for more than 100 years across five generations of the Fisher family. The company continues to grow and prosper by sticking to our core family values; serving customers with hard work, honesty and value for money

Since 2017 the company has been part of Canadian K-Bro Linen Inc., listed on the Toronto stock exchange. Being part of K-Bro has added significant expertise and access to capital for Fishers and our laundry estate includes some of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly facilities in the UK and Europe.

Our Laundries

Each of our hospitality laundries has the wash power equivalent of over 500 domestic type washing machines. This part of our operation is highly automated and we use precise detergent and water controls, along with heat recycling, to achieve validated disinfection along with industry leading levels of energy efficiency.

In 2010 we worked with the Carbon Trust to be an early adopter of new direct heating ironer technology. By 2021 we have fully transitioned our three largest laundries and benefit from better quality of ironing at the same time as significant reductions in CO2.

Textiles with Intelligence®

In partnership with Strathclyde University, Fishers has developed the use of RFID technology in our laundries to provide unique insights into stock whereabouts and life cycle. This data helps us to understand product flows better and provide industry leading levels of service.

As computer recognition and automation continues to develop at pace we anticipate the benefits of RFID to grow exponentially with Fishers well placed to keep leading this innovation.